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Products & Pricing

Welding Wire & Rods

Product Weight $ each
Engineers Chalk   $0.31
Zinc stick 6.5mm 120g   $24.21
WIA Aust Mig ES6 - 0.9mm 5kg roll $34.54
Mig 0.9mm 15kg roll $86.13
WIA Aust Mig ES6 - 1.2mm 15kg roll $59.40
WIA 12P 2.5mm rods 2.5kg box $84.65
WIA 12P 3.2mm rods 5kg box $121.92
WIA 13S 2.5mm rods 2.5kg box $87.62
WIA 13S 3.2mm rods 5kg box $123.26
WIA 16TC 2.5mm rods 2.5kg box $78.71
WIA 16TC 3.2mm rods 5kg box $110.34
WIA 16TC 4.0mm rods 5kg box $112.86
ESAB OK 316L 3.2mm SS rods 4.1kg box $231.66
Austfill Gasless 0.9mm 5kg $87.04
Austfill Gasless 1.2mm 5kg $109.66
Alu Mig Wire 1.0mm 6kg roll $163.35
Alu Mig 1.2mm 2kg roll $59.40
Alu Mig Wire 1.2mm 6kg roll $106.65

Effective 28.11.23

All prices include GST

*Note prices subject to change without notice. Please phone or email to confirm prices.